How to Manifest Money


Manifesting is something that has grown in popularity over the last number of years. It has actually been around for a long time – it can be traced back to the 19th century New Thought movement. It’s grown in popularity since the 2006 Book the Secret was published by Rhona Byrne and it has become even more popular over the last number of years with instructional videos on TikTok. The thinking around manifesting money is that we can manifest anything we want – including Money!

The BIG question we all have is – does it really work?

First of all, what is manifesting

Manifesting has been around a lot longer than the 19th century. If we look closely at religion some, maybe all, at least the religions I’ve had exposure to state “Ask and you Shall Receive”. It is about deliberately creating and receiving more of what you really want in your life. Outside of religions, there are lots of “Teachers” around the concept, for example Ester Hicks, Jack Cranfield, Joe Dispenza, Rhona Byrne, The Da Silva Method, Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra and Lynne Mc Taggart are some of them that I have researched for this article and in truth that I’ve read, studied & applied the principles to my personal growth in life to attract what I want.

The concept of how to manifest money itself is pretty simple & I will clearly outline steps to Manifest the Money you want in this article.

Manifesting – how it has worked for me

As I said earlier, the BIG question is, does it really work? The answer is: YES, it does.

We’ve all done it without really realising it.

Think back to something that you wanted & somehow it came to fruition. This has definitely happened for me. Here are some of my examples:

Work: a number of years ago I had an hour commute to work. Every day I would drive past a business that was in my field of work – I would often say – “I wish I worked there” as it would cut my commute in half. Roll forward 18 months or so & I was indeed working there.

Relationships: I manifested a wonderful committed long-term relationship after applying the principles I will outline in this article.

Money: I used these principles to be clear as to what I wanted my salary to be & I landed a new job with the exact salary I “Asked” for.

So, does manifesting really work – it absolutely does. It has worked for me in life & it will work for you too.

How does Manifesting work

Before we get to the steps it’s important to understand a few things on how to manifest to achieve what we want to manifest.


According to the principles of manifesting, everything is Energy. Everything in the world and the universe is made up of cells which are made up of atoms, which are made up of subatomic particles and subatomic particles are ENERGY!

The important thing to understand about energy is that energy is all connected – therefore we are all connected. Have you every been walking down a street and wanted to overtake a person walking in front of you and as you went to pass that person, they veered to the side you were about to pass them on. It’s as though they are moving their energy towards your energy.

With this connection of energy, we are all magnets. We attract more of the energy that is within us. Do you have a fiend that always gets a cold? It’s as though this fiend expects to get a cold & therefore attracts more colds. Or the upward or downward spiral. It seems that when are on an upward spiral things keep going our way, things like green traffic lights, a seat on the subway, your favourite restaurant ringing with a table that has freed up. The same goes with the downward spiral. When things are not going well, it seems that day gets worse & worse.


What we think is super important to understand for manifesting. I hear you say, “What’s to understand about thoughts?” we all think, and we all think about what we want. The question we have to ask ourselves is are we thinking about having what we want or are we thinking about not having the thing we want? This is a very important distinction that will determine the success or failure of your manifesting journey. Now, the thing about thoughts is that we need to guide both our conscious and our subconscious thoughts. The conscious thoughts are tricky enough…. The subconscious thoughts are an entirely different story. No need to panic though. I’ll talk you through how to shape those tricky subconscious thoughts.


Emotions are our feedback mechanism on how we are doing on our journey of manifesting. Emotions are magic & we should pay attention to them, both positive & negative emotions to really understand our thoughts at both the conscious and subconscious levels. Our emotions are a result of our thoughts. We can literally think ourselves happy and think ourselves sad. That’s pretty magic. When you are feeling joy and a sense of happiness and being in the flow, it simply means you are on course to be manifesting what you want. When you are feeling anger, sadness, depression or hopelessness, you are thinking negative thoughts, that are not moving you towards your dreams and desires.


I’m not sure how much you have heard about actions in the process of manifesting. Often people think they don’t need to do anything to manifest what they want. In a way that is correct, however there are some thoughts, emotions and actions that we may need to change to enable the manifestation to appear.  It’s a little like this old joke “A man walked into a church and started praying to God to win the lottery, he really wanted to win money to do all the things he wanted to do…. God spoke to him & said Buy a Lottery Ticket”. The moral of the story is that sometimes we need to help the manifestation along.

Now that we understand a bit of the background to Manifesting, I’ll outline the steps you need to take to Manifest the Money you want and deserve.

10 key steps to Manifesting the Money you want and deserve

1. Understand Your Blockers

The first step in manifesting your money is to understand your blockers to money. Do some brainstorming around your attitude to money. How do you feel about it? Think back to your childhood, what was your parents/family attitude to money? Was there plenty of money or was money scares? How has that impacted your current beliefs about money. At the end of the month, do you have money left over or do you spend beyond your means? Do you fear seeing your credit card bill? It’s important to really understand how you feel about money. How do you deal with money and how do you think about money.

2. Change Your Beliefs

Once you are clear on your thoughts and emotions linked to money it’s time to build an action plan. This is the actions I mentioned earlier. Firstly, we need to take action with our thoughts and beliefs. You need to catch yourself when you think negatively and sometimes it’s not a negative thought about money, but a limiting thought about money. When you catch yourself thinking this thought you need to cut that thought off. Literally stop thinking that thought and think of something else, something positive or if it’s possible, think positively about money. Don’t try to force it, so if you are thinking negatively and it’s too difficult to shift the thought to a positive thought about money, just think about something else. Something positive. Secondly, we need to address any financial challenges. If you are overspending, cut back on key things, pay down debt, even if it’s little bit. What this will do is make you feel more positive about money and that is the key to manifesting. Having a more positive mindset and belief system about money is so important to the process and paying off debt even if it’s a little at a time will really shift any negative beliefs to a positive one.

3. Get Clear on What You Want

I really believe a key component to manifesting is being clear on what we want. Get specific on the amount you want – it’s important to believe that it’s achievable for this to work. So it may be that you take this step by step. If you want a 50 % salary increase, do you believe this is feasible? It may be achievable for example by changing company. If, however, you don’t really believe it, then you are putting in another blocker. So be clear as to what you want and when you want it by. And stick to that “ASK”, if you keep changing what you are asking for it’s difficult for the manifestation to appear. Changing our ask frequently causes confusing and delays in our own manifestation process.

4. Meditate

A key component to incorporate into your daily life. It is feasible to change our conscious thoughts, and that takes time to master. Changing our subconscious thoughts is a tougher ask. The key to doing this is through meditation. Meditation has been around for centuries and is the key to quieting our minds and getting to our subconscious to change our thoughts. If you are new to meditation, start with 10 minutes a day and work your way up to 20 minutes. I find it easiest to breathe deeply and focus on the breath. For me I find the deeper I breath the easier it is to keep my mind quiet and for it to not wonder.

5. Affirmations

Affirmations are in effect positive thoughts about what we want. Do this throughout the day to make positive changes and intentions to yourself and often as possible. As Louise Hay said, if for every 1 positive affirmation you do, if you are doing 20 negative affirmations, the positive affirmations cannot win out. It’s important that the positive affirmations out number greatly the negative ones. I use these affirmations:

“My Income is Constantly Increasing”

“I Prosper Wherever I Turn”

“I Am a Money Magnet”

“I Am Now Rich”

“I Now Have Financial Abundance”

“I Now Have X Amount in My Bank Account”

6. Visualization

Visualize what you want and the life you want to live. Images are a powerful tool and really impact our conscious and subconscious mind. They are visual affirmations. Get images of the amount of money you want, images of what you want to do with all the money & images of how you will feel when you have this money. Put them up in your house where you will see them all the time. Some people make mini movies and watch the movie over & over again.

7. Abundance

Spend time in abundance. Spend more time with that friend who is most abundant. Spend time in abundant places and absorb the energy, so that you can use this energy to attract abundance.

8. Keep a Money Manifestation Gratitude Journal

Being grateful for what we already have, even if it’s very little. It is important to express gratitude in opening the door for more manifestations to appear. Write down the money you are grateful for. Examples are your salary, being able to pay for groceries, paying for a coffee. Write in your journal how grateful you are that you can do these things and see the positive impact of what happens.

9. Keep Going

Keep going! Don’t give up. You are one more day away from manifesting what you want. How long does the money manifestation really take to show up? That depends on each of us. If you’ve spent years having negative thoughts or limiting beliefs about money then it may take some time to overcome these belief. Be patient & keep going – it will come.

10. Reflect on Your Success

This one will help you to keep your positive intentions going. Reflect on your own financial goals and success now. They may be so gradual that you don’s see them in the moment. Schedule a reflection moment that works for you, maybe every month or every two months. Look back on your gratitude journal and see what you have manifested. It won’t be long before the little ones turn into bigger ones, and you have the money & the life you want.

Manifesting works! It has worked wonders for me & I really believe it will work wonders for you. Follow the steps above and keep going with it. Think of it as a game and relax into the process, have fun with it & enjoy the unfolding of the life and the Money you want.

Good luck!

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